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I was told the floor was R 30 after receiving my RV I pulled the belly pan off on the bottom. piece of plastic they call fully-enclosed when I got the pan off there's no way a piece of plywood is an R30 I was told this is a four-season camper if I took this thing in the cold every tank would freeze let alone you freeze into there isn't a stitch insulation in the bottom of this thing I was lied to also very poor quality trims coming off screws are stripped shower doors a piece of *** mattress is a piece of *** and had to buy a new one right away very disappointed in my purchase if I woulda known this floor didn't have any insulation I've never bought it if you took that thing in the coal that little space emergency blanket they got wrapping around the tanks be totally froze the piece of emergency blanket they did put on was slit right down the middle I think they have a bunch of *** heads in Indiana put in this *** together I wish I could reconsider my purchase but they already have my money not even a one-star maybe a half a star on this review you can only choose one though anybody wants to contact me on this 303-472-9219 my name is Jim Chambers my grand design is a piece of *** anybody want to buy it it is brand new

Product or Service Mentioned: Grand Design Rv Rv.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Grand Design is famous for greatly inflating their R values.


seeing how it's a major pile of *** I'd be interested in taking it off your hands on the cheap. Least you can get a few dollars of your investment back.


Thanks for the heads up. I was considering a Gr@nd Design.


Just went to the show in Utah.. oh well, the search goes on