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We are considering of buying a 2019 Grand Design Solitude 3740BH and have read many reviews and wanted to get a open form opinion the Grand Design brand (and specifically the 3740BH if possible) before we purchase. Thanks Bill

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Don’t do it the worst company ever. They are built on a line and if some one messes something up (I should say when) they won’t stop the line costs a million a minute cheaper to fix it on warrannty.

Had mine six months and everything has broken. Call me 719-352-9175 and you can listen via a three party call with me and BS GD


We have a 369 and love it. we've had minor issues.

currently have a leak on the bed room slide but not into the coach. Currently at the dealer to be addressed. Previous trailer was a Cedar Creek Silverback. Good solid trailer but those slides leaked and I didn't know and know what to look for.

Now I do. They are driven and bumped and vibrated.

They do need care and constantly on the look for leaks and stuff. Do your maintenance and you should get many years of good service.


Awesome. Thanks Bob. Do you recommend slide awning covers?


Until everything falls apart...