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we bought a 2016 reflection camper rv.its shedded when not being used.this year we went camping with it over the 4th of july.about 100 mile trip,we noticed the canvas roof coming up in the front of the trailer,so we called the dealer we bought it from.they would not warranty it.so we called grand design corporate office,they told us it is not covered because its a maintenance issue.we are spose to go on the roof every 3 months and check for cracks on the caulking.at 70 years old,i think its a safety issue.they say its a maintenance issue,we say its a design issue.our other camper was 30 years old and we never had to climb on the roof.if they would have told us this when we bought it,we would of NEVER bought this camper.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Hey, you can use it for a lawn ornament. Grand Design is the joke of all jokes!!!!! It's another Grand Disaster.


This is the exact reason I read these reviews. I had a Keystone and it was a total pile of JUNK!!

We are selling our home and was considering an RV. I am 61 and have had many surgeries. There is no way I will climb that roof and send it in for maintenance every 3 months!

They make these RV's this way so that the dealer can make money on service. Well, they can stick their RV's where the sun does not shine because I am not wasting 40 or 50 thousand of my hard earned money to give it to some lying cheating moron at an RV dealer!


Along with KZ travel Trailers and after reading many horri9ble reviews as well not so good customer service KZ as well Grand Design are out of the question....move on to look at star craft as well Jayco now!!


We are seeing a possible problem with the roof on our 2018 Reflection 337RLS. It just went back to the dealer and I expect to get an answer this coming week.

We photographed it when we first noticed it and notified the dealer as well. Not sure if it really is a problem, but we do have documentation of it, we'll see what happens going forward.


I had the very same problem last year when I bought a new 2017 337RLS...the roof had many bubbles in it and was not sealed proper.After trying to get the selling dealer to fix it,I gave up and went straight to Grand Design...their response...send pictures...nothing was done about the roof.So I fixed it myself best I could.I will never buy another Grand Design product.Good luck.