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Update by user 1 day ago

As of October 10th Grand Design contacted our dealer and gave them the ok to fix our slide and all the other issues. This is a huge step in redeeming their name with us and standing behind their product.

Update by user Oct 09

Here is an update to our situation. It is now October 2019 and our camper is once again at the dealer to be fixed.

We towed it back down bc had issues with tanks still and some moulding was coming off and finish on one of the drawers was coming off as well and our door was sticking when trying to close. Boy were we in for a surprise!!!! Dealer called and told us that the slide was actually tearing up our floor and needed to be fixed and the door frame was actually installed backward which was causing it to stick but here's the real issue. After purchasing the camper with banners everywhere that said longest warranty in the business and three year warranty that covered everything (those stickers disappeared when we did our walk thru) we were told that our warranty was OUT OF DATE!!!!!!

They explain that the wonderful three year warranty is only structural. Ok we say then the slide and the door is certainly structural and will qualify. Oh no.... We are told that the structure part is the aluminum frame.

Yes that's right the aluminum frame is the only thing that's covered on the wonderful warranty that's the longest in the industry. Dealer half way treis to work with us but tells us we will have to cough up another FIVE THOUSAND to get us into another camper that's smaller than this one. Yes, out of hundreds of campers on their lot they magically only had ONE that we would be able to trade and then an additional five grand. I am speechless.

Husband calls the manufacture and speaks to a person higher up than the district managers whose name is Jay Loomis and says he wants us to be happy and everything will be covered. We think finally a person that cares and is nice and maybe they can redeem themselves at this point. But upon contacting the dealer we r told that Grand Design is only covering the slide and thats it. At this moment we have placed several calls to Jay and left vm but strangely he hasn't called us back.

This company is a joke and moreover I am also upset at the dealer at this point. If a company won't stand behind their product why have it on your lot???

Original review posted by user Aug 06, 2018

We bought our new 2018 28BH in November of 2017. Starting in January the Ac would automatically turn on in 22 degree weather.

Called dealer. We followed all their recommendations about how to rectify it. Knowing what we know now we should've just driven the thing back down there and parked It before ever camping in it. The Ac continued to be a problem throughout the winter and was finally replaced in June of 2018.

My question now is what took so long?? That's just tip of the iceberg. Elbow to hot water heater froze over winter so dealer replaced. Wonderful.

Towed home and hooked it up on its pad and turned water on and water shot out of the kitchen faucet like a geyser soaking the overhead cabinets, under the sink cabinets, and literally running across the floor soaking the carpet. We hooked right up and towed it back which dealer fixed but if I'd wanted water soaking the inside of my camper I would've bought a USED camper. We camp in it for first time and outside speaker light and sound stops working. Notice lights on front of the camper in the V are two different colors and most importantly all our tanks are reading almost full after 3 days of camping and parked next to the bathhouse which we used more than the camper and which is only myself and my husband.

We tow home and it goes back to the dealer lot. Ac at this point is STILL an issue. I contact GD myself bc am very frustrated that this new camper that is supposed to be bringing us so much joy is now a sours of irritation both emotionally and financially. GD rep is very nonchalant about everything and says oh yes there's been a problem with those thermostats and they know that.

I assume this is why dealer mysteriously had a thermostat in stock!! I was Very unimpressed at how my phone call was handled. I talked to 2 different district service managers and felt no compassion from ANYONE there over our plight. We try camping again and the Ac literally gets stuck on 22 C and won't cut off.

The thermostat controls won't work. Husband u nplugs for it to reset. We make so much noise over this thermostat they eventually install the new one. By this time we are well into summer and our beautiful camper has spent more time on dealer lot than it has at any campground.

It is hot when we try to camp the next time and the camper just simply will not cool. We had it on blast for over 3 hours and it was still 86 degrees in it. We have 2 frenchies and an 86 degree camper is not acceptable for them. From there it is an uphill battle to try to convince the dealer and the manufacturer that a 20 degree difference in the outside temperature VS the inside temperature is just simply not acceptable.

That if the camper cannot cool then it needs to come with a WARNING label to all buyers that you cannot camp in an open spot that's not shaded bc you will literally roast. Our 08 camper got ice cold in approximately 30 minutes. We measure Temps going in the intake and measure Temps coming out of the vents. All to no avail bc we were told it was normal.

OK........ Husband says we will just void the warranty and port it. We had our own ac man take a look and say yes it was not acceptable how in the h*** was anyone supposed to camp in those Temps. So we decide to suck that up as so many other things bc we can't really find anyone who gives a damn that we've spent a TON of money and are not satisfied.

So we camp in it one more time. We empty our tanks.... Or so we thought...... And go about our merry way.

That time was semi enjoyable bc the Temps were a little cooler and very overcast so ac didn't do bad after about half a day of initial cooling. Get home and I start cleaning bc it is going yet again to the dealer to Check that ac one more time and hope and pray that someone will DO something about it. On a whim we check the tanks and one tanks is still reading 2/3 full with another reading 1/3. This camper had already been back to the dealer for the malfunctioning tank readings and was supposed to have been fixed.

Turns out something was caught that wasn't even allowing the tank to empty. It would empty not even a third and stop.. After multiple flushes of the tank it finally spit out a metal cylinder object and for now that problem seems to be fixed. The whole reason u purchase a new camper is to AVOID working on it.

After all the flushing we start running the slide in to prepare for our journey for our ac appointment the next day and guess what???? Oh yeah....... The slide stops working on one side and is putting the whole wall In a bind. I cannot believe it.

Cannot believe it. We haul down to our appointment and I read off yet another laundry list. The dealer I'm pretty sure hates us bc we are looked at as problem consumers but my thing is where do you.go.to get SOMEONE to fix this stuff?????? How about refunding our money???

We tried to trade it in after our ONE camping trip and dealer said it's a used unit so they offered us 11000 less than what we paid for it. Camped in it one time. I feel like at this point someone should step up and hold this company accountable. Am thinking about contacting an attorney.

As I write this the camper is still at the dealer waiting on the slide repair . And that's where I'd like to leave it.

Grand Design Rv Pros: Design features.

Grand Design Rv Cons: Quality.

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That post reads longer than the U.S. Tax Code ; I can't read that entire thing and stay awake.

The moral of the story however, is simple ; on this website RVs are second in complaint frequency only to Door Dash food delivery.

They are a conglomeration of components installed by separate subcontractors. There are apparently two happy days in the life of an RV owner ( just like home in-ground swimming pools ) -- the day you pick it up and the day you dump it off.


Looking for our first camper. Love the lay outs of Grand Design.

Won't be buying one though because of the quality issues written about here. Thank you for the reviews so new buyers are warned!


I feel your pain We purchased a Solitude in 2018 and have had nothing but major problems with it. Both ACs went out, slide in the back stopped working, awning fell off the side of the 5th wheel the first time we extended it, refrigerator works on and off.

Automatic leveling system never worked to begin with. Bedroom closet door doesn’t shut or open. After washing the table off with Water, I noticed the color was fading off. 3 of the chairs have broken, shower door hinge fell off.

Had to purchase 2 electric heaters in Minnesota when the temp went down to 30 and the heat couldn’t keep up. To many items to list.

We used it for Aprox 2 months. In and out of the shop and still most of the items remain unfixed.


I am so sorry!!! Who protects the Consumer when you've spent such a huge chunk of change for some thi g that's supposed to be a JOY ???

I have contacted Grand Design a total of four times and each time I'm met with the same attitude..... They are doing me a favor by even answering the phone.

The last time didn't end so well. Manufacturors need to stand behind their products period.