I have owned 13 different RV's including 2 that were built by Grand Design. I get super frustrated listening to people complain about a problem that is not even Grand Designs problem.

You have to look and see if it is the dealer or the manufacturer that is letting you down. In almost every case that my family or my wife and I have had it was the dealer to blame for our frustration. I have owned Keystones we have owned Forest Rivers and we have owned Heartland RV's. We even had a Tiffin Motor home.

Out of all of them Grand Design helped us to get our issues resolved in every case. They lead the industry by far in how they back up their warranty. I cannot speak for other people but Grand Design actually paid for a mobile service company to come to the RV park where we were to fix the problem. Even after they had paid the dealer twice to fix the issue and they made it worse!

For those of you considering Grand Design....


Reason of review: Good customer service.

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We looked at a Grand Design Refection today. Could not believe what I heard about them being a quality RV!

Rust, Rust, Rust everywhere! This trailer was only built 4 months ago and almost all the under side of the trailer was a bucket of rust!

Even the screws around the windows were rusted! Guess you can't believe everything you hear!


Considering purchasing a Grand Design.


I'm with Eric. Amen brother.

We entered the RV world cautiously 5 years ago with our first one being a 13 year old Fleetwood Southwind Class A. We've learned the "ropes" and do understand legit vs non-legit complaints. The Fleetwood was an excellent RV for us and we didn't break the bank. Now that we know we like RVing, we're upgrading to a new trailer.

Grand Design is by far the best brand we've seen for the money. Quality appears excellent.


AMEN BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I too have been seriously frustrated with the reviews here.

On the other hand, since I can dismiss so many of them, it leads me to conclusion that there are few legit complaints to be made for GD. Oh I have seen a few. YouTube has a few REALLY good videos.

But in all cases I have seen so far, it's just like you said. The dealers have only made problems worse, but GD has thus far stepped in and made things right in every case I have seen so far.