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Grand Design is supposed to be a quality product but we have not found that to be the case. The quality of the products they use to build the trailer, as well as the workmanship on the trailers is poor.

What is worse though, is that Grand Design has terrible customer service and they don't care at all that you are having issues with their product. They don't stand behind their products.

DON'T BUY GRAND DESIGN PRODUCTS or risk being stuck with a bad product and a manufacturer that doesn't care about its customers at all. Will never buy any other Grand Design product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Grand Design Rv Rv.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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Grand Design units don't even have a vented hood over the stove, nor do they have a rear bumper. That should tell you something.

What bothers me the most is; If they do these obvious short cuts, where you can see them, what short cuts do they do that you can't see? That's the scary part RUN FOR THE HILL LIKE GD


Eric, stop cartooning me!


Eric, are you paid to make rude comments to people that complain about a poor product.


Your comment, that GD does not stand behind their products stands in stark contrast to the mountains of reports to the contrary. I find your lack of any description to be very telling.

You know what I think? You probably attacked GD with venom and vitriol for problems common to all RV's, and didn't give them the opportunity to make it right before you let them have it.

And they probably, being well within their legal rights, told you to go pound salt. I am way more ready to believe that you are a *** with unrealistic expectations, than I am to believe that your experience is "The Norm" in spite of all the evidence that discredits your claim.


We've been looking at & waiting to buy the Reflection 337 RLS since it came out! Each year something changes that we like!

This year, 2 of the BEST changes ...The "pull" window shades!The window over stove!Both of these additions are AWESOME!!!We've always had our eyes on this particular 5th wheel but out wallet has held us back! In a few years, David will retire & with good luck, our dreams will come true!

We've never seen a more beautiful camper! And we believe in their quality!


Grand design is junk


Grand Design is probably the best built out there! They all have minor issues, but there are 80 % of RV's these days are junk!

I been through it as well and with all the complaints out there, you think some of the manufactures would get the messaged improve the quality! I looked over a Solitude and is quality is premium compared to my Jayco Eagle. Thor Owns 75 % of the companies these day if not more and all they care is make Millions on our hard earned dollars.

My advice take your time before you purchase, shop for best deal and have a "Really experienced Rv'er help you out! " Remember not just those great features, but QUALITY of the construction, from flooring materials used, 10-12" frames, not 1 piece 9" that will bend in a few years, to plumbing and electrical- if secured properly or just hanging and waiting for a fire to happen !


Purchased new Solitude 320x in 2015. Imitation leather on couch and love seat is deteriorating.

Lippert and Grand Design’s response, “Sorry.” We are not full timers, trailer has limited use. Company doesn’t seem to concerned about quality.


We have had nothing but GOOD customer service by Grand Design! No warranty on our camper, even though it's 2017!

Bought it used. Have had several fixes in it we had to do, but the cracked dining table was replaced by Grand Design at no cost to us. Plus they were nice enough to send folding chairs that should of came with the camper. Our dealer couldn't even get them for us, after several weeks of him contacting his "go get" to guy!, I finally contacted Grand Design, and they sent them at no cost!

I think their customer service is top grade! Quality on camper on the other hand, they do brag on all the inspections they go through, we had staples coming up in the carpet, the mirrors in sliding doors in bedroom were falling out, so had to fix those. Valance above bed was coming off due to stripping the screw, floor in bedroom creaks really bad, door coming into camper "sticks" in cold weather, we almost can't get out. Stairs to bedroom creaks.

Dining slide doesn't come in all the way, till we pull out, then it seals, causing the seal to get "chewed" up. As much as the price tag is on these "quality" built campers, they really don't practice what they preach. I am disappointed in the quality.

But customer service is great. Because where our dealer failed, Grand Design stepped up.


Full timing and boon docking in our Grand Design Reflection. Not one problem with this beautiful coach.

Dealer Service has been excellent. Sorry that this consumer had such a bad experience.


No detail. No information, No rationale review of facts... No weight.


Wow running wild, you must a freaking left leaning ***.


Why are you being so vague on your complaint? EXPLAIN your issues.

Just going off on bad customer service doesn't cut it. What are your problems/issues? You people that just go off and say nothing to back up your claim is worthless. I suggest you work with your dealer more and if you have warranties then you have every right to get proper work done on your RV.

We own a GD 350 Momentum and yes, we had issues but with warranties, we get them fixed. NO RV is perfect and NO RV will never have issues. It's what it is in the RV industry. We live in our RV full time.

Until a law is passed to protect the consumer of lemon RV's, we the consumers take the chance to buy an rv for recreation or living full time. If you can't accept that, then don't buy an rv.


if you have a great dealership with experience and willing to do the repairs properly is great! In my experience I purchased a brand new Jayco Eagle 321 RSTS and had 19 issues and my 5th wheel spent all winter in the shop.

I had to go through it throughly with some major issues-19 in first 2.5 months of ownership? Point is: Why did it leave Jayco's site and why was it not inspected? I'm not going to list all 19; just a few 8" gap of daylight from back frameless window, 3/8" gap in bottom of pantry door and side panels were coming apart, water leaks under sink- flooded my storage area out, sink tap leaked. only hand tightened?

So where was the inspection? I checked back of shower and noticed a slight leak as well. Mt 2 year warranty is up, and I was lucky to have a great service manager, but a headache to get stuff done for 2 seasons. Getting into Rv'ing should be a fun experience!

I don't care if you buy a tent trailer or a $500,000 motorhome- it should be quality built and properly inspected, BEFORE it leaves the factory! so when companies like Jayco say they are best in the industry?? Do a search on Jayco Eagle 321 RSTS's 2017 models and I have posted photos of the 5/8" plywood that was thrown in place and never screwed down and squeaks. so is 1/4" on one side and 5/8" gaps from the tongue to the groove considered acceptable by Jayco's standards?

Jayco's are only one of many junk products out there! Do lots of research before you purchase - a unit full of problems, water leaks, falling apart on the road or your slide fails at your RV site, not to mention mould and mildew- just a few !

Your $70,000 unit may be your worst nightmare! Search reviews and what dealers have great sales and service reputations.


I don't recommend Grand Design. We have issues no help from a Grand Design or the dealer.

Never thought Grand Design would be like this. I guess this is why Winnebago bought them out. They do not stand behind their warranty.

Out $40,000.00 but they don't care they got their money and so did the dealer. Very very frustrated.


You are still not saying what the problems r ? So this is not helping me? So I can't really understand what u r trying to talk about?